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Welcome, my name is Amanda Hobley

It has been my passion and joy for over 12 years to support and empower busy women and men to overcome the stress and pressure of corporate and everyday life; guiding them through transitional periods in their lives.

I trust that your body has an innate ability to restore itself. No matter how much you are suffering right now, you can feel better.

Even if you are feeling tired, overwhelmed and out of control in your life, you have the choice and power within you to restore your well-being.

I will help you reconnect and restore your well being, allowing you to live your life with meaning and balance. I will take the time to understand your needs. The approach I use is realistic and manageable, taking one step at a time.

If this resonates with you, and you want to take the next step.  Contact me to find out what is possible for you

Women's Secret Handbook

All subscribers receive a copy of my e-book “Women’s secret handbook to stress relief”.

Amanda Hobley is a Member of ANTA, BodyTalk & NHAA

Adv. Dip of Naturopathy (PANT)
Reiki and BodyTalk Practitioner

Amanda is a member of The Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA),National Herb Association of Australia ( NHAA) and International BodyTalk Association (IBA).

Amanda is registered with all major health funds and rebates are available for Naturopathic consultations, depending on the level of cover.

“My life journey has allowed me to discover more of what I love and to be of service. I began my working career as a Flight Attendant, due to my love of people and travel. Naturopathy called soon after, allowing for a deeper connection with people, supporting their health physically. Closely followed by Bodytalk and Reiki to balance emotional, mental and energetic aspects. 

Why am I so passionate about my work? It gives me the opportunity to create a safe space for you to connect with your body, mind and soul allowing you to receive what you need. When your cup is full to overflowing it will have a ripple effect in your life and beyond.” Amanda Hobley

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Heart Centred Process to Reduce Anxiety

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Heart Centred Process This process is very simple and takes less than a minute. It is a terrific way to keep centred throughout your day. It shifts you from the wired, anxious over thinking mind into the heart centre which is a place of  harmony, peace, love and calm. It switches your body from fight…

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New Clinical Trial – Lifestyle and Herbal Medicine effective in treatment of PCOS

150 150 Amanda Hobley

During September 2017 I attended a Mediherb Seminar called “Women’s Health and Hormones – The delicate balance”. Angela gave an overview of the balance of female hormones, hormonal testing, common reproductive conditions, PCOS, ovulation, endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Specifically how herbal medicine and lifestyle can help support that very delicate hormonal balance. The highlight of…

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Reflections on our Kerala Health Retreat | Love, Connection and Rejuvenation

150 150 Amanda Hobley

I recently returned from our Health Retreat to Kerala and have come home inspired to create even more opportunities for Women to enjoy some time in a safe space to restore, reconnect and nurture Body & Soul. The Health Retreat in Kerala is set in a lush tropical garden overlooking the Arabian Sea and is…

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