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Amanda’s incredible Camino Journey – Practical inspiration you can enjoy in your life now.

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Amanda’s incredible Camino Journey – Practical inspiration you can enjoy in your life now.

Finally I feel it’s time to share one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. The Camino (Spain) was a dream I was inspired to create for myself.

It is an ancient pilgrim path known as The Way of St James, to Santiago de Compostela. I walked over 202km, through incredibly beautiful landscapes over 11 days. (10th September- 20th September 2018)

It was a sacred inner journey and on day 1, I was inspired to capturing the essence of each day in a video and share my energy and experiences with you.

My wish is to share the beauty, love, challenges and ‘aha’ moments of each day so that it creates even more love, joy and ease for you.

Day 1 Cacabelos to Villafranca del Bierzo 9.5km

Reflections –Leap of faith. Feel the fear and follow your heart.

Story –The moment I took my very first step on The Camino I was overcome with an intensity and outpouring of emotions all at the same time. I felt relieved, excited, sad, happy, fear, love, doubt, trust, overwhelm and faith. It was so curious and unexpected. I thought and felt all of my loved ones right there by my side, past and present. I was proud that I had overcome my personal fears and doubts and the fears others had for me. Would I be fit enough? Can I walk that far back to Santiago? Would my family be ok without me? Would I be safe going on my own? Will I get lost?
I felt excited and content that here I was taking my very first step on my journey. I had followed my heart and here I was enjoying the beauty of The Way.

Practical Inspiration –Feel and honour all of your emotions. Let them bubble up and out. Allowing even more space for love and light. ❤️😊✨

Day 2 Villafranca de Biero to Ambasmestas – via Pena Roldan the scenic route. 16.7km.

Reflections –Listen to my body. I move forward in life with ease and joy at every age. I am balanced and free. Surrender, trust and go with the flow.
Story –Today was a physical day of walking up beautiful mountains with stunning views. I had pain in my right hip on the way up the mountain. The message was move forward with ease and joy.
After arriving at Ambasmestas I found the most beautiful church and sat quietly on my own. Even though I am not overly religious I started praying. I prayed for me to move forward with joy,ease,freedom,balance and love. Then out came the tears and my mutterings “I’m scared, I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know where I’m going, I haven’t got a clue.
Please help me to accept what is, to enjoy and find love in everyday, to have the courage to move forward into the unknown trusting and having faith that more joy, love and how I can be of service will unfold. Please help me to see the messages and take inspired action. “
The relief and peace just washed over me in that moment. It was a relief to admit I didn’t have a clue about what my future held and that was OK.

Practical Inspiration –All that really matters is to notice the ease, love and joy that surrounds you wherever you are in this moment – home, work, family, friends.

Day 3 Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro

Reflections –Easing into the walking, enjoying the spectacular views and receiving messages, love and connection.

Story –The walking was so beautiful today and I started thinking about an email I had received that morning. I am always amazed at how quickly messages arrive, literally. It was from a lovely women who had been to Kerala and the Spirit of the Land Retreat with me. She had randomly (or not) sent an email to say how much she appreciated both retreats. Then she said that she hopes we encourage other beautiful people to find the stillness of their spirit. It was very clear to me that only yesterday I was asking, How can I best be of service and use my gifts. Thanks for the message I heard it loud and clear. Since returning we have planned 4 new retreats.

Practical Inspiration – Find the magic and joy in the messages that seem to be random. That book that 3 different people have mentioned, your intuition guiding you in an unexpected way (follow that before your head creates reasons to say no), trust yourself when it feels great, do it.

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6 Simple Ideas to Support Women who Struggle to Meditate Daily

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6 Simple Ideas to Support Women who struggle to Meditate Daily.

Yesterday a client told me that she doesn’t meditate because she tried and found it too hard.
I have lost count of the number of women who have told me this over the years. So this morning I emailed her some ideas to support her meditation practise.

My beautiful herbal garden, where I sit to meditate.

My special place to do yoga and lie down for meditation after.


Here are some of the struggles that women have had to meditate daily:

  • Not being able to find the time in their day to fit it in.
  • Unable to stop thinking about all the things they still need to do.
  • They don’t like sitting.
  • Feeling irritated at being still.
  • They can’t sit crossed legged in silence for an hour. (The great news is that you don’t have to) 

So here are a few ideas that have helped me meditate daily:

  • Create some special time to meditate daily –  Think about a good time for you and create an appointment with yourself in your calendar. I find early morning is my favourite time.
  • Create a special space to meditate. I sit in my herb garden, being in nature brings a lovely peace even before I get started. For those that prefer to lie down I suggest under a tree on the grass, if possible. It is perfectly fine to sit or lie down, as long as your spine is straight.
  • It is very common for those of us who are busy, stressed or overthink to feel irritated at being still and stop thinking. Which is exactly why meditation is perfect to help us calm our body and bring peace to our minds. The best news is YOU WILL HAVE THOUGHTS and that is completely NORMAL . The trick is to OBSERVE your thoughts without judgement and allow them to be, bring your focus back to your breath. As that thought floats away and another arrives observe it and bring your focus back to your breath.
  • The great news is that many studies have shown that you only need 20 minutes a day for a few weeks to start to see the benefits. So start slowly even 1 minute a day and increase to 5 minutes over time and before you know it 20 minutes a day will be a breeze.
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself as you are learning a new skill of being in the moment. Keep practising daily. Before you know it it will become a daily habit with sooooo many amazing benefits.
  • Meditation is a loving gift to yourself, may you grow to enjoy every moment.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

With love Amanda xx

Talk & Tapas – The Camino

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Talk & Tapas

Eighteen months ago a friend of mine completed the Camino in Spain. When she returned, she told me of the simplicity and joy of each day, opportunities for self-reflection, the people she met and her inner sacred journey.

“All I had to do was put my shoes on, walk from A to B, have an incredible day in stunning nature, get to my beautiful inn, have a delicious homemade meal with local wine & a restful sleep. I would wake up the next day & continue my heavenly journey.
The gift of spaciousness & time for myself was precious.”


Her story and the energy she shared sent shivers down my spine and I was inspired to create my own experience and share it with others.

Come and hear of the amazing Camino experiences of two incredible women and how their journey continues to enrich their lives back home.

Thursday 8th March
at 6pm, Myaree

Join us for some delicious tapas, Spanish wine, lively conversation….
for a fun hour or so !

Limited spaces available.
Contact Julie on 0427 766 716, email spirit@iinet.net.au
or myself on 0405 344 149

Buen Camino !


Do you know of someone who would enjoy this event?
Please feel free to share this post with them.

Heart Centred Process to Reduce Anxiety

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Heart Centred Process

This process is very simple and takes less than a minute. It is a terrific way to keep centred throughout your day.

It shifts you from the wired, anxious over thinking mind into the heart centre which is a place of  harmony, peace, love and calm. It switches your body from fight flight into a sense of calmness. It is very effective at bringing you back into the moment and into connection with yourself. Have fun and play with this process, follow your intuition.

Breathe in and out a few times.
Scan your Physical body – what does it feel like? Heavy, tense, pain anywhere, contracted expanded, light, calm, or relaxed? Just observe without judgement. Breathe
Now Scan your emotional body – How are you feeling? Grief, peaceful, angry, joy, sad, fear, bored, anxious, worry. Observe without judgement or blame. Breathe
Finally scan your mind – What are thoughts are you thinking? What am I having for dinner tonight? I have got so much to do today? How am I going to find time to do it all. Breathe
Place a hand on your heart and think of something that makes you smile, something that you love. It could be a baby, animal, a beautiful place that fills you with peace, or even of something funny that makes you laugh.
Breathe in and out, enjoy that feeling and imagine it expanding from your heart into every cell in your body.
Now just become aware of your body, feelings and thoughts. Do you notice any shifts?
Enjoy this simple yet powerful process that can shift you from your head into your heart within seconds.

Start this process a few times a day, you will feel the shifts.
It can be done in the shower, on the toilet, on the bus and any time when you have a spare minute. Be gentle and kind with yourself and mostly have fun slowing down you body and mind, it can be such a welcome relief.
Be patient with yourself especially if you already have a monkey mind, it may take a little more time to feel the shifts, but it is definitely worth it. Have fun and play with this process, follow your intuition.

With love and light Amanda

I would like to thank Wendy Kennedy for kindly allowing me to share her Heart Centred Process with you.

Amanda’s 3 top insights to cleanse and reset the body and mind.

150 150 Amanda Hobley

I spent four weeks in March getting back to basics, cleansing, resetting and shifting old habits. Allowing my natural balance so it was easier to listen to the subtle messages of my body. The whole process was fantastic, my eyes where sparkling and my skin glowing. I lost a few kilos and I felt completely balanced, calm and clearly able to listen to what my body really wanted.

I included plenty of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, protein and filtered water.

I also allowed myself 2-4 pieces of 70% dark chocolate, turmeric and herbal teas.

I removed all of my crutches including sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

The aim was to balance my blood sugar, reduce inflammation, remove all habits, cleanse and reconnect with my natural balance.

It was a fabulous experience that I plan to enjoy at least twice a year.

These are the 3 top insights I gained:

1. Allow at least 2- 3 weeks to shift old habits.

I found that the first week was easy to remove the habit. Then one day during the second week I was surprised when I was driving to the cafe for a coffee. My thoughts went like this,” Oh I will go to the cafe and get a coffee, oh I am not drinking coffee. Oh Ok, I will go home and have a turmeric drink instead.” So allow at least  two to three weeks to rewire the old thought patterns. Great news is that you can easily replace that old habit. It was interesting becoming aware of my thoughts and patterns.

2. The association between, stress, emotions and my crutches.

I noticed that I reached for sugar, caffeine and alcohol more when I was busy, stressed, tired, emotional or purely a habit.Everyone is unique. The morning coffee was definitely a habit and if I was busy and had a low in the afternoon I might also get a second coffee. I also noticed I would drink when I was with friends and family on the weekends and occasionally through the week if I had a busy and stressful time. I would also reach for chocolate when I was emotional and hormonal a day before my period. The best part is that it really is possible to cleanse, reset and get back you balance so that the crutches are no longer needed. It is very rewarding to feel so balanced.

 3. It was important to have plenty of nutritional food and have replacements for the the old habits. 

It really helps to have snacks ready and prepared so you can reach for it when you would normally reach for the caffeine or sugar snacks. My favourite snack was a mix of blueberries, strawberries, almonds and 2 pieces of 70% dark chocolate. I would also have a sparkling water with lemon instead of a glass of wine. Turmeric drink or herbal tea instead of coffee. Baked vegetables are great through salad for lunch or just snacks. Plus a jug full of filtered water on hand.  I also noticed that the quality and quantity of  nutritional food increased. That a coffee would have previously replaced some fruit, nuts and water. I was also pleasantly surprised at how great my diet was in general. I was a lot harder on myself and gained a clear perspective on my diet.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this four week cleanse and reset.

It is important to check with a health professional and your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.  


Ready for a Wellness Journey with Amanda?

150 150 Amanda Hobley

Wellness Journey with Amanda

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step…….”  – Lao-Tzu


Have you become aware that you are suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, tiredness, grumpiness, feeling unwell,  insomnia, unbalanced, headaches, poor concentration, low sex drive, hormonal imbalances or digestive disturbances.

Do you find that even though you have a good diet you still, craving sweet or salty food and use alcohol, coffee, junk food as a crutch to get you through your day.

Do you know that you are living most days  in survival mode, an inability to function at full capacity and not enjoying your life as much as you used to.

If you can relate to this, I have a fun plan moving forward.

The way we will work together is easy. I will listen to your concerns carefully and create a plan to help you get your spark back, drawing on my experience, knowledge and wisdom. My role during this period is to support you in achieving great shifts in your life, health and well-being, while you remain in the drivers’ seat.

Your ” Wellness Journey” is completely unique to you and involves four steps:

Your ”Wellness Journey” is completely unique to you and involves four steps:
•Step 1 – Relieve the main health concern that you are suffering from.
•Step 2 – Discover the underlying imbalances and causes which led to your suffering, and frustration. Provide your body with what it needs to restore.
•Step 3 – Teach you simple, effective strategies to empower you to continue feeling wonderful in your life.
•Step 4 – Support you through challenges, if they arise.


Success my clients have achieved are….More energetic, no longer afraid to leave their house, restorative sleep, balanced hormones, healthy digestion, calmer, improved ability to cope with life, no debilitating migraines and excellent concentration.

If you are looking to feel back to your old energetic self, resume life feeling wonderful and alive again, with a difference in your overall health and wellbeing….priceless.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to take action Enquire Today or give me a call on 0405344149


Simply Relaxation Workshop

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I look forward to seeing all of you who are interested in discovering some ways to Simply relax this Friday morning. With Love Amanda

Would you like a safe healing space to unwind and relax?
Spend some time focusing on your health?
Then come along to this special workshop at the Warnbro Community
Library and spend some time focusing on your wellbeing.
Presented by well-known Naturopath and BodyTalk practitioner,
Amanda Hobley, this workshop will conclude with a peaceful meditation.
Simply relaxation
Friday 13th November 10.30am – 12.00pm
Bookings are required.
Please contact the Warnbro Community
Library on 9528 8577 or email