Naturopath and Reiki

Practitioner in Perth

Naturopath and Reiki

Practitioner in Perth

Find your way back to you
What would it feel like to get clarity and be the expert… of you?

I know you’ve been searching, you’re in a place of transition or growth, you feel as if things could be easier, less stressful.

Or perhaps you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in touch with what you really want, what your body feels like when it’s well, or you simply want to reconnect to what your body, mind, heart, and soul need. 

Sometime, someplace, a long time or just a moment ago, your spark dimmed a little. 


You’re trying to listen, to find your own innate wisdom.

But you need a little help. 

I’m Amanda Hobley, a Perth based Naturopath, Bodytalk and Reiki Practitioner. 

More importantly, I’m a teacher. 

I guide people towards calm for those who are stressed, energy for those who are exhausted, and peace for those who are anxious.

Because happiness and health isn’t just about doing what I think you should do. It’s not really about the program, or the supplements, or the modalities. Those are all tools to help with the transition. It’s really about showing you how to find your way back to you so you become the expert of yourself. It’s teaching you how to listen. So you know how to find your own inner wisdom. And then follow it 

I’ll be your co-traveller, the one with the lamp light, through the unique and individual pathway you need to travel to get back to yourself.

And don’t worry, I’ve walked this road before. 


One to one sessions

Woman holding in her hands a white mortar of lavender. Blossom lavender flowers.


Towards energy for those who are exhausted

Replete your body with nutrients and herbs, revitalising the functioning of your physical body.



Towards calm for those who are stressed

Release mental and emotional stress, old patterns and find balance.

Close up of chiropractor pressing with hands on womans chest at reiki session.


Towards peace for those who are anxious

Gain peace, a feeling of stillness, and clarity.

Want to get back on track, but not sure where to start?

Keen to get some clarity on your next step?

The best place for us to start is by having a conversation.

Let's have a quick chat.

Book a free 15-minute call today, so we can talk about your life and your health and how can I help?

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Group Programs

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Learn to improve your  wellbeing and health simply

Inspirational and interactive presentation empower you with simple tools and strategies to reduce stress, restore wellbeing and reconnect to your inner wisdom and light.

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Inspirational retreats and journeys.

Enjoy the time and beautiful places to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with your own inner light.

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