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    This is such a unique period of time to live in.

    Our lives are busier than ever. We are blessed with the most wonderful technologies at our fingertips. Connectivity is the easiest its ever been, so how come many of us feel so disconnected?

    I am fascinated by people, observing their behaviours and patterns. I first tuned into this working as a Flight Attendant some 29 years ago. My love of travel had me flying all over Australia and Europe. It was during a crew lunch outing to North Cottesloe beach in the early nineties that the direction of my life changed. I was mesmerised, connected to the tranquility of the ocean. I made the decision there and then to move to Perth. This began my journey into the study of Naturopathy, whilst I continued to work with Ansett.

    It wasn’t until years later after becoming burnt out, that I really tuned in and listened to my own needs.

    I completely changed my way of being

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    Treating myself as I would my clients, I gave myself the time I needed to pull back from “doing everything”- being a mum, a business owner, a wife, a daughter, a carer – all whilst working two jobs. It was too much, my system was overloaded, disconnected and depleted from stress.

    I learned to love and nurture myself and shift old beliefs and patterns. I supported this with Naturopathy; prescribed herbs & nutrients. I simplified my life and workload. Massage and Reiki treatments, yoga, sound healing, nurturing retreats and Body Talk all became regular staples for nourishing my body, mind and spirit.

    “Women’s wisdom passed on with the highest of integrity.”

    My life has been extraordinary and very ordinary at the same time. I have gained the most amazing insights and wisdom, living and growing through my own challenges. Life is not always smooth sailing. You have to create your own self love toolbox, your own version of stopping and smelling the roses.

    Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to meet, learn from and work with some of the most inspirational leaders in the health industry. My mission is to empower women worldwide to love and nurture themselves. Based in Perth, I have combined my love of travel with my diverse range of complementary skills including Naturopathy, Bodytalk, Reiki and Sound Healing to create private consultations, group workshops, online courses, wellness retreats and journeys.


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    Professional Bio

    Perth based Naturopath Amanda Hobley has worked with hundreds of women, supporting and empowering them to release stress, reconnect and restore balance in their lives.

    With a special interest in Women’s Health, Amanda combines her own life experience with over 14 years of clinical experience to hold space for her clients at her Highgate practice. Especially women who are stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed and unmotivated. She finds great joy in watching these women regain their energy, motivation and inner calm. Along with her private consultations, Amanda guides wellness retreats and journeys both locally and internationally.

    In 2019 she released her signature 4 week online course; Release Stress, Reconnect and Restore Balance, which offers guidance and support to busy, overwhelmed women through the use of easy, practical stress relief and self-care tools in everyday life.

    Memberships: Australian Natural Therapies Association, National Herbalist Association of Australia and International Bodytalk Association.


    Advanced Diploma Naturopathy (PANT)

    Reiki 1 and Reiki 2

    Bodytalk Practitioner

    Soul Guide& Sacred Mentor, licensed practitioner Alana Fairchild. TM

    Guide with Journeys of the Spirit


    “Thank you for such a brilliant presentation…you were inspiring, never short of wit, energy, empathy or hope, “ Z.Sheaman


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