Gift Certificates, Solaz Candles
and Cards

    gift certificate

    Gift Certificate for Naturopathy, Reiki and BodyTalk

    Call Amanda on 0405 344 149 to have your gift certificate emailed to you within 24 hours or sent to you.

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    Reiki Gift Certificate

    Cost $111

    Feel relaxed and nurtured with a Reiki session.

    BodyTalk Gift Certificate

    Cost $111

    Balance your mind/body complex with a BodyTalk session.

    Naturopathic Gift Certificate

    Cost $144

    Nourish and energize your body with a Naturopathic session.

    Solaz Spirit and Soul Candles

    Candles created using intuition and knowledge with each candle having a “specific purpose” that creates “shifts/changes” in your life.

    Solaz candles are hand made in the Adelaide Hills and have been created using intuition and knowledge received from spirit to help shift emotions and clear the soul.

    Ecosoya advanced wax and Golden soy wax are used. The wicks are made out of all natural fibres and they contain no lead or other harmful metals and we don’t include any additives or colours to keep them as natural as possible.

    The jars have sealed lids for a few reasons: 1 to protect your candle from dust and the elements 2, to keep the divine smells, 3 for storage purposes once the candle has been used.

    Cost $30

    Solaz Guidance Cards

    This set of 60 Guidance cards have messages that help guide and inspire you. Each card has a message that will give you some insight, direction and help. You can use this pack on a daily basis or as often as needed. The pictures and words combine together to touch your heart and heal your soul. A wonderful gift for someone you care about.

    Cost $40