Creating Inner Calm in Stressful Times

When I first started my journey as a Naturopath I noticed very quickly that at least 80% of the women who walked through my clinic door wondered if they could ever create a peaceful mind and calm their body. The pressures of life lead to chronic stress.Creating seemingly unrelated, imbalances in the body, mind, emotions […]

A spring opening and welcome to our beautiful new clinic

Spring is the perfect time to open and welcome you to our new Clinic. I am so grateful for the support from the team at Perth Naturopathic Herbal Clinic. We had a smooth transition into our lovely home. It does feel like a home away from home already in my new room and I love […]

Gifts from the Whitsundays Islands – Disconnect to create a deeper reconnection

Disconnect from the outside world to create a deeper inner connection. I just spent an incredible week cruising the Whitsunday Islands on a boat without any connection to the outside world. No phone, social media, internet connection, texts or emails. The disconnection created a sense of spaciousness, simplicity, joy and presence within each day. It […]

How to create a Solo Retreat

On return from a Solo Retreat to Bunker Bay recently I felt incredibly grateful for the space to stop, relax and reset. Wondering how to create a solo retreat? You are not alone, so many women ask me this question, this is my story and response…. My story The first solo retreat I went on […]

How to support yourself and ask for help, through challenging times.

A few weeks ago I woke up and felt really sad. As I started crying I wondered what triggered it. Even though I worked out the trigger. I found it fascinating that as the tears flowed the stories grew. I got curious about the stories, since I am keeping it real, here they are: I […]

New Tiny Courses for you!

When I recently heard about “Tiny Courses” my heart exploded with excitement. A big part of my work involves listening to your underlying challenges, struggles, stresses, emotions, and beliefs that impact you and your life. Then I use the modality that best supports you at that time. Naturopathy to support your physical body. Bodytalk to […]

The power of Appreciation to uplift you

At the beginning of 2023 I reflected on what I appreciated about 2022. Within my life, myself and my business. It literally filled my heart with waves of sparkling lightness and warmth. It reminded me of the power of appreciation to uplift us. Its like anything its simple to do, when we remember to take […]