Women’s Secret Handbook to Stress Relief

It is an incredibly interesting time with the pandemic affecting every single person on this planet. Our daily patterns are changing, often daily. Fears on many levels, including our  health, work, fiances, security and relationships  are exploding into our lives. Emotions of uncertainty, anxiety, worry and sadness are bubbling to the surface. With so much […]

COVID-19 Information

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I hope that this information and support brings you some clarity and relief. Changes to my clinic appointments Business as usual, well not really. I have had to adapt to help keep us all as safe and healthy as possible during this pandemic I will not be offering in person appointments during these unusual times. […]

WA Rejuvenation Retreat is almost here

I am so excited that my Rejuvenation Retreat is finally close enough to touch. This is one of my favourite peaceful retreats out of all the ones I guide, it is also the closest to home. But it isn’t just the travelling time that makes it so special. There is something about this experience that […]

Burnout to Inspiration

Is it possible to shift from being burnout to feeling like a new woman? YES Absolutely it is possible, well it certainly was for me. I can not guarantee that for everyone, all I can do is share my experience with you. I have personal experience as a woman trying to fulfil all the roles […]

New Year – New Energy – New You

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Wishing you a fabulous New Year. May 2020 be filled with the essence of what you want to experience, long for and dream of. Thank you for being here.  This time of year is perfect to reflect, appreciate, review and renew our energy, ourselves and our lives. This 4 step practice is a gift for you […]

Testimonial: Zoe Shearman – Assistant Librarian Rockingham Central Library

Womens wellness workshops

Thanks Zoe for giving me the opportunity to share the wellness workshops with so many fabulous people over the last 5 years. Testimonial: Zoe Shearman, Assistant Librarian Rockingham Central Library ‘Amanda, thank you for such a brilliant presentation at the Rockingham Central Library. For those who attended the talk, I know for a fact they […]

Celebrating 5 years of presenting Wellness Workshops at Rockingham Central Library.

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For the past 5 years, it has been wonderful to present at the Rockingham Central Library, south of Perth, on a range of subjects including Simply Relaxation, Bodytalk, Secrets to Stress Relief, Mindful Ageing. ‘Presentations to groups have been some of the most rewarding parts of my job. A range of different people from all […]