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We return to our beautiful WA retreat in October.

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Perth Naturopath Amanda Hobley is leading business people to better mental and physical health through personally-guided retreats to Kerala in India and, locally, to Chittering, north of Perth, at two upcoming exceptional retreats.
Mrs Hobley’s next Indian retreat, a revitalising two-week health trip to an Ayurvedic resort in Kerala, runs from August 10-24, 2019, while the Chittering Spirit of the Land retreat is next month, May 17-19, 2019.
In India, the party will eat vegetarian food in a lush paradise and receive Indian herbalist consultations and various relaxation treatments. She also guides weekend retreats closer to home in Chittering where clients can relax in a beautiful Australian bush setting.
“It’s about getting out of routine and into the rhythm of nature,” Ms Hobley says.
“In our culture, success means working extremely hard, often in environments that are quite toxic, so people can be going to work and experiencing huge amounts of stress. For example, they may feel like they’re being chased by a lion every day and this will trigger a massive stress response that is hugely detrimental. However, immersing yourself in nature can rebalance your emotions and be enormously beneficial.”
In her popular clinic, she has helped dozens of Perth clients, over the past decade, recognise that stresses as well as old traumas or belief systems maybe be adversely affecting their current health and wellbeing.
Mrs Hobley is also an expert in BodyTalk therapy. For this, muscles are posed a series of painless yes/no prompts and the response is gauged to determine bodily imbalances. She then taps the subject’s head, chest or navel to stimulate or accelerate its natural ability to balance itself.
“My passion is to help people who are very stressed understand that their stress is impacting on their physical, emotional and mental health,” Ms Hobley says. Among many aims, she focuses on improving their energy, clarity and stamina as well as helping clients feel calmer and uplifted.
“There are so many beautiful herbs and nutrients that help support your ability to cope with stress by giving you energy and stamina,” she says. “Many herbs calm the nervous system, so really do bring down anxiety.”
Amanda has been inspired by her personal experience, and the women she works with, to create a four-week online course to reduce the triggers of stress and increase ways to care, love and nurture yourself. Amanda will support you every step of the way and share new meditations and techniques that are simple and effective, creating a new way of responding to the stresses in your life.
She is also an expert in iridology.
Amanda Hobley Reconnect & Restore

This article is one of many featured in ‘Adapters’, a series in WABN exclusively for Perth Media clients, profiling news of innovative small businesses, start-ups and not for profits.

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