Amanda’s 3 top insights to cleanse and reset the body and mind.

Amanda’s 3 top insights to cleanse and reset the body and mind

strawberries, almonds,blueberries and dark chocolate

I spent four weeks in March getting back to basics. To cleanse, reset and release old habits. Allowing my natural balance so it was easier to listen to the subtle messages of my body. The whole process was fantastic, my eyes where sparkling and my skin glowing. I lost a few kilos and I felt completely balanced, calm and clearly able to listen to what my body really wanted.

I included plenty of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, protein and filtered water.

I also allowed myself 2-4 pieces of 70% dark chocolate, turmeric and herbal teas.

I removed all of my crutches including sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

The aim was to balance my blood sugar, reduce inflammation, remove all habits, cleanse and reconnect with my natural balance.

It was a fabulous experience that I plan to enjoy at least twice a year.

These are the 3 top insights I gained:

1. Allow at least 2- 3 weeks to shift old habits.

I found that the first week was easy to remove the habit. Then one day during the second week I was surprised when I was driving to the cafe for a coffee. My thoughts went like this,” Oh I will go to the cafe and get a coffee, oh I am not drinking coffee. Oh Ok, I will go home and have a turmeric drink instead.” So allow at least  two to three weeks to rewire the old thought patterns. Great news is that you can easily replace that old habit. It was interesting becoming aware of my thoughts and patterns.

2. The association between, stress, emotions and my crutches.

I noticed that I reached for sugar, caffeine and alcohol more when I was busy, stressed, tired, emotional or purely a habit.Everyone is unique. The morning coffee was definitely a habit and if I was busy and had a low in the afternoon I might also get a second coffee. I also noticed I would drink when I was with friends and family on the weekends and occasionally through the week if I had a busy and stressful time. I would also reach for chocolate when I was emotional and hormonal a day before my period. The best part is that it really is possible to cleanse, reset and get back you balance so that the crutches are no longer needed. It is very rewarding to feel so balanced.

 3. It was important to have plenty of nutritional food and have replacements for the the old habits. 

It really helps to have snacks ready and prepared so you can reach for it when you would normally reach for the caffeine or sugar snacks. My favourite snack was a mix of blueberries, strawberries, almonds and 2 pieces of 70% dark chocolate. I would also have a sparkling water with lemon instead of a glass of wine. Turmeric drink or herbal tea instead of coffee. Baked vegetables are great through salad for lunch or just snacks. Plus a jug full of filtered water on hand.  I also noticed that the quality and quantity of  nutritional food increased. That a coffee would have previously replaced some fruit, nuts and water. I was also pleasantly surprised at how great my diet was in general. I was a lot harder on myself and gained a clear perspective on my diet.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this four week cleanse and reset.

It is important to check with a health professional and your doctor before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.  


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