Are you ready to get back on track?


Have you gotten off track? Yes, I have too.

If this sounds familiar, you can get back on track more easily than you believe.

You have got this!

During February 2022, I joined a 30-day challenge to introduce an anti-inflammatory diet into my life.

I am learning so much about myself and about change in action. It reminds me of what we all go through when implementing something new in our lives.

I must say I have so much compassion and am in awe of the precious souls who walk through my door. It takes courage and deep down they have listened to their body message that “something has to change.”

This is what I have discovered so far:

I underestimated the nervous/excited energy I was feeling leading up to this challenge.
It takes a lot of mental energy to implement changes and shifts in any area of our life.

Gold nugget – clear some space for yourself around this time of change.

No matter how educated we are about health and wellness, we all get off track. We use caffeine for energy, alcohol to destress and celebrate and sugar stuff as a treat or comfort.
I am in awe of my body and how she responds with incredible shifts so quickly. By simply getting back to feeding myself nourishing foods and stopping the caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

Gold nugget – forgive yourself for the times you get off track, drop the judgment, shame, guilt, we are all doing the best we can.


In every moment we have a choice and we can direct our energy into what we want to create.
If you feel like you are off track that is absolutely Okay, it is what it is.

Gold nugget – Self-awareness is key

Acknowledge where you are now, drop the expectations and be kind and gentle with yourself.
If you feel ready to get back on track you can literally can, just take one step onto the track in that moment.
It sounds so simple and it is.

If you are not ready to get back on track, that is okay. Check in with yourself it may be serving you and the fun is in figuring out other ways to meet your needs.

That coffee might give you energy or a kick start to your day. You could explore other options that are more nourishing that still provide you with the energy.

I notice that many of the amazing people I work with start their herbal and nutrient programs with much excitement/nervousness. They go so well implementing their program then at some point they get off track. They may have gone on holiday, had a stressful time, got too busy with work they forget to take their products.

I want everyone to know that it is okay. That it is complete normal and expected as we implement changes. I have a gentle approach that is realistic.

Sometimes our bodies intuitively know they need a break, sometimes the guilt stops people getting back on track.

Sooner or later your body knows it is time and you can easily take action to step back on that path.

If you are stuck for a long time reach out for help. A shift of perspective, insight or clearing a layer of emotions or active memories may help you gain clarity and move forward easily.

YOU have got this!


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