Burnout to Inspiration

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Is it possible to shift from being burnout to feeling like a new woman?

YES Absolutely it is possible, well it certainly was for me. I can not guarantee that for everyone, all I can do is share my experience with you.

I have personal experience as a woman trying to fulfil all the roles – mother, wife, business owner, sister, friend….the list is different for everyone but the thing that always remains the same for us all is that it is exhausting and endless.
The first time I ever really experienced the value of nurturing myself  was when our son was a toddler and I was run down and exhausted with the demands of Motherhood.

All of a sudden I experienced this “aha” moment, I was solely responsible for looking after my own well-being! So I booked myself into a health retreat for the weekend, putting myself first when I most needed it.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and epiphanies, the resistance came thick and fast, I experienced self-judgement and criticism for making the hard decision to look after myself. In the end, I had the most amazing time nurturing my mind, body and soul! I practised Reiki, Massage and lots of Meditation, providing time to reflect and connect with myself.

I returned home a new woman, able to cope with the pressures of motherhood and with more to give to those around me. I learnt the most valuable lesson: If my cup was empty I didn’t have the energy, health, time or love to share. When my cup was full to overflowing with love and energy, I automatically shared that with those around me and unconsciously gave others permission to do the same.

I learnt that this constant pressure to be and do all the things can leave us feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and unmotivated. We multi-task, try to please everyone and forget how to love and accept ourselves. Our physical and emotional self becomes drained and exhausted and for many women, we end up just surviving day to day.

Shifting your perspective on life assists you to create more ease and flow, increase your energy and mental clarity. To do that it can help to have a space that offers accountability, support and strategies so you can feel balanced, connected and aligned.

We all have the innate wisdom to take the journey back to self, sometimes we just need a safe space to facilitate this long-lasting change.

A retreat offers this place to rest and be nurtured by ourselves as well as Mother Nature. It gives us the ability to surrender all commitments and responsibilities and fill that gap with nurture, receiving and true nourishment.

Participants are invited to pause and breathe.

A weekend retreat can open the door to this new journey of re-connection and acceptance of self.

Here are the big questions I asked myself way back before that first retreat and the ones my clients ask often:

How do I reduce the stress in my life?
What can I do to love, care, nurture and accept myself?

The answer for me was always that we need to create the time to do the things we love, the things that fill up your cup. When people don’t know how to fill their own cup I teach and support them to find their way.

This is where an e-course becomes valuable after the retreat has ended as it gives the opportunity to continue practising the strategies cultivated on retreat in a group of like-minded people. It also allows participants to acquire new tools as they move further along in their self-discovery journey.

I find it’s a deep dive into self, really delving into your innate knowledge of your core being. One of the most valuable facets of this work is fine-tuning how to take these skills into your daily life and create balance and joy in a heart centred way that flows with your life. At our core, we know what feeds our spirit but sometimes we need to work at uncovering the path to get there.

We also need to give ourselves permission to expand our heart and allow more of what we love into our life and release the limitations that are holding us back. When we work on this weekly in a focused setting the realisations and progress happens in an accelerated way.

I don’t think I realised at the time the impact that weekend retreat would have for me both personally and professionally. It laid the foundation for the path I would walk that would give me the tools to not only de-stress and create space in my own life but also lead others to do the same.

You can find out more about my latest retreats here and my e-course here.

Download my e-book “Women’s Secret Handbook to Stress Relief” if you would like to start with 6 simple steps to stress relief.




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