Calling back your energy – quieten your mind, calm your emotions and expand your energy

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Have you every stopped to wonder where you are directing your energy, attention or focus?

Take this moment to take a nice deep breath and ask yourself that very question.

Where is my energy being directed NOW?
• The past
• The future
• Worrying about those you love?
• A challenge you have which leads to a lot of unhelpful self talk. Old stories surface Self- doubt? I am not good enough? I am alone? and down the rabbit hole you go.
• Fear about a situation that you have no control over?
• Reacting to fear programs, which is activating a stress response – Fight/flight/survival mode
• Busy mind with thoughts, situations, stories going around and around.

It really is amazing to me that I am often unaware of where my energy is going.

My Story – The Wave that got my attention

I received a message loud and clear on holidays a few months ago.

The storms were rolling through Denmark and the waves were big. My hubby was on the beach taking photos and a huge wave was heading for him. I was safe on the steps above the beach, I yelled out as I was videoing.

All of my energy, worry and focus was on my hubby. Worried that the big wave would knock him into the ocean, that he and all his camera gear would get wet and washed out to sea.

I wasn’t paying attention at all and a wave crashed over me. It was a shock, I got very wet and I didn’t even see it coming. Even though I was on the stairs above the beach.

My epiphany –

Stop worrying about others. Trust that everyone is on their own unique path and they will be okay.

For the record my hubby didn’t get wet, well a little on one foot. But he was absolutely fine.

“Call your energy back and be aware about where you are directing your energy in the moment.”

Or you may just get wiped out by a big wave that you never saw coming, because your attention was elsewhere. LITERALLY!

On a side note I have been doing this ever since and I am surprised at how often I need to call my energy back, it feels so much lighter.

It’s time for you to get back to yourself, do what you love, what feels great for you.”


The best news is that in every moment we have the power to choose where we direct our energy, focus and attention. Self – awareness can help us acknowledge and redirect where we want to place our attention and energy.


5 Simple steps to quieten your mind, calm your emotions and expand your energy

1. Awareness – become aware in this present moment about where your energy is NOW. You are purely noticing where your energy, thoughts, emotions are in this moment.

2. Acknowledge without judgement – with self-compassion and a curiosity. The things you have suppressed bubble up, need courage to feel it and give yourself the permission to feel it and allow it to be to help it transmute and dissipate. Feeling through your emotions

3. Call back your energy – Imagine, sense, feel or literally use your hands to bring your energy back to your heart centre. Allow the flow of more life force energy within you, feel the lightness, calm mind, clarity and a shift in perspective. Notice what your body needs, trust all is well.

4. TRUST – Everyone is on their own unique path and they will be okay. That you are not responsible for the wellbeing of others and that they are capable of working through their challenges as you hold empathy for them. Their heart and soul know what it is doing.

5. Redirect your intention. Focus or direct your energy into what you love and want to create more of in your life. Rewiring the brain. Simple small changes help alot.


My wish for you is to direct your attention and energy doing what you love and what feels great for you.

If you don’t know, have fun exploring! 

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