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    NEWS The Perth Voice Newspaper. Women’s Wellness with Amanda Hobley

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    Women’s Health and opportunities for you and your well being with Amanda Hobley. Checkout your local paper The Perth Voice Newspaper, pg 14 this week. Especially if live in Perth, North Perth, Highgate, Mount Lawley, East Perth, Northbridge, Bayswater Maylands, CBD Perth, Ingelwood, Mount Hawthorn, Dianella, Yokine, Leederville, West Perth, Menora, Coolbinia or Osborne Park. […]

    Want to Learn how to fill up your cup? Sharing from Retreat with Amanda Hobley

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      My cup is full to overflowing being here in Kerala. I am feeling Sparkling, light and bright. How full is your’s? Always learn here. Will share more in Release Stress & Restore online course, starting on Monday 9th September, 2019, 7.00 – 8.30pm. Buy ticket & find out more  

    Five easy ways to shift from Stress Response into Relaxation Response

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    5 easy ways to shift from Stress response into Relaxation response. What is a Stress Response? Its a combination of the activation; Hypothalamus, Pituitary Adrenal axis (HPA) & Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) & Deactivating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). In simple words triggering the Fight/Flight/Freeze response.  You know the feeling; Heart racing Blood pressure and heart rate high Wired, […]

    Are you Tired of not Sleeping? Amanda’s Tips to Reduce Insomnia

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    Amanda’s top tips to reduce insomnia 1. Manage your stress levels – This seems like common sense, but if your mind is busy and overthinking or stressed and worried. The increased cortisol levels decrease the sleep quality. To reduce Insomnia, here are some ideas to manage your stress. Meditation before bed Kick your thoughts out […]

    Celebrating YOU on International Women’s Day and Launching a New Online Course

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    Celebrating Women and offering you a new Online Course to support you learn an easier way to respond to stress and care for yourself. This is for all of the beautiful Women in my life. What a perfect day to celebrate YOU on International Women’s Day. I appreciate your strength, courage, wisdom, intuition, compassion, ability […]

    6 Simple Ideas to Support Women who Struggle to Meditate Daily

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    6 Simple Ideas to Support Women who struggle to Meditate Daily. Yesterday a client told me that she doesn’t meditate because she tried and found it too hard. I have lost count of the number of women who have told me this over the years. So this morning I emailed her some ideas to support […]