WA Rejuvenation Retreat is almost here

I am so excited that my Rejuvenation Retreat is finally close enough to touch. This is one of my favourite peaceful retreats out of all the ones I guide, it is also the closest to home. But it isn’t just the travelling time that makes it so special. There is something about this experience that […]

Amanda Hobley Naturopath Features in Adapters Published in WA Business News

Amanda at retreat chittering

We return to our beautiful WA retreat in October. Book Now, Here are the details   Perth Naturopath Amanda Hobley is leading business people to better mental and physical health through personally-guided retreats to Kerala in India and, locally, to Chittering, north of Perth, at two upcoming exceptional retreats. Mrs Hobley’s next Indian retreat, a […]

Retreat News: Kerala with Amanda Hobley

This week I am in Kerala with some amazing people, including Journey of the Spirit colleague, Peter Bliss. The Ayurvedic therapists and treatments are fantastic. Inspiration from Kerala Retreat Inspiration, ideas and insights flowed constantly to me in Kerala. Mostly while I was deeply relaxed on the massage table, sometimes while I was swinging in […]

Are you Tired of not Sleeping? Amanda’s Tips to Reduce Insomnia

Amanda’s top tips to reduce insomnia 1. Manage your stress levels – This seems like common sense, but if your mind is busy and overthinking or stressed and worried. The increased cortisol levels decrease the sleep quality. To reduce Insomnia, here are some ideas to manage your stress. Meditation before bed Kick your thoughts out […]

6 Simple Ideas to Support Women who Struggle to Meditate Daily

6 Simple Ideas to Support Women who struggle to Meditate Daily. Yesterday a client told me that she doesn’t meditate because she tried and found it too hard. I have lost count of the number of women who have told me this over the years. So this morning I emailed her some ideas to support […]