How to create a Solo Retreat

On return from a Solo Retreat to Bunker Bay recently I felt incredibly grateful for the space to stop, relax and reset. Wondering how to create a solo retreat? You are not alone, so many women ask me this question, this is my story and response…. My story The first solo retreat I went on […]

Why Retreat when you are emotionally exhausted?

I was reminded yesterday about why I am so passionate about encouraging those who are emotionally exhausted to retreat, get out into nature and create time to be still. It’s because I have so much compassion and empathy for where they are in that moment (I have been there too) and the excitement of what […]

Misty Magical Morning on Retreat. Enjoy it NOW!

Enjoy this video of the misty magical morning we had on Sunday while on retreat. May it bring a big smile to your face and help you feel a sense of peace wherever you are right NOW.     Ever since I was a little girl I have loved nature. Growing up in Sydney was […]

Burnout to Inspiration

Is it possible to shift from being burnout to feeling like a new woman? YES Absolutely it is possible, well it certainly was for me. I can not guarantee that for everyone, all I can do is share my experience with you. I have personal experience as a woman trying to fulfil all the roles […]

A quick retreat to align and revive! Perth WA

chittering valley WA

We all need some time out from the pressure of every day life but we don’t always have the luxury of affording lengthy time off work nor necessarily want the hassle of booking long haul flights and interim accommodation. We just want to get to our destination and start feeling lighter as soon as we can!

Retreat News: Kerala with Amanda Hobley

This week I am in Kerala with some amazing people, including Journey of the Spirit colleague, Peter Bliss. The Ayurvedic therapists and treatments are fantastic. Inspiration from Kerala Retreat Inspiration, ideas and insights flowed constantly to me in Kerala. Mostly while I was deeply relaxed on the massage table, sometimes while I was swinging in […]