Celebrating 18 years in Business this year. I appreciate you being here, thank you


I am celebrating 18 years in business this year. I am deeply grateful for all the beautiful people I have worked with and for all those I have connected with over the years including YOU! ❤️✨

Thank you, without your support I could not do this work that nurtures my soul everyday. I love watching the shifts that are made by so many.
It has been a profound journey of self-discovery and growth that has naturally deepened my ability and gifts that I can share with you.
I began by sharing my Naturopathic knowledge to help support, nourish and replete the body with herbs, nutrients and lifestyle ideas.
Reiki and then Bodytalk deepened my understanding about energy work. Our environments, experiences, relationships, thoughts, emotions and beliefs all impact our energy and therefore our bodies health and well-being.
Bodytalk provided me with the ability to connect with the body (innate wisdom) to discover the deeper reasons for the imbalance of our Body/mind complex. Then using different techniques to balance them. Sometimes it’s releasing emotions, sometimes calming the nervous system and mind, other times clearing an active memory or belief system.
Over the years I have listened and been inspired by those I work with to create group offerings including circles, seminars, workshops, retreats and courses. Allowing the space and time to calm the mind, reconnect with ourselves, reflect, relax and BE.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 18 years and look forward to many more to come.
I had a wonderful start to this year and hit the ground running. So great to see so many during my first week back.
A reminder that I am practising from a gorgeous room within Perth Naturopathic and Herbal Clinic in North Perth. You will be greeted by the lovely Emma, the team at PNHC are amazing.
Feeling very lucky to be working along side these special people, they feel like family to me.
Again thanks for your inspiration and support.
Much love Amanda ❤️✨

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