Celebrating 5 years of presenting Wellness Workshops at Rockingham Central Library.

amanda hobley presenting at rockingham libraryat

For the past 5 years, it has been wonderful to present at the Rockingham Central Library, south of Perth, on a range of subjects including Simply Relaxation, Bodytalk, Secrets to Stress Relief, Mindful Ageing.

‘Presentations to groups have been some of the most rewarding parts of my job. A range of different people from all walks of life come to the library events, and they enjoy practical tips and interactive workshops. I often begin welcoming the audience and asking them what parts of wellness, they are interested in. Allowing me to share specific helpful tips to make it more personalised. Over the years those attending have told me how much they have enjoyed the practical parts of the workshops. Especially the relaxing meditations, aromatherapy and tastings. In the winter, I ask them to sample lemon, honey and ginger tea, natural drink to boost their immunity.’

Audiences have ranged from about a dozen to more than 50, with Bodytalk being one of the most popular!
I would very much like to do more presentations, if you would like invite me to present to a workplace or community group please get in touch.

Call me on 0405 344 149  or  email me 


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