Celebrating YOU on International Women’s Day and Launching a New Online Course

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Celebrating Women and offering you a new Online Course to support you learn an easier way to respond to stress and care for yourself.

This is for all of the beautiful Women in my life. What a perfect day to celebrate YOU on International Women’s Day. I appreciate your strength, courage, wisdom, intuition, compassion, ability to love, connect, nourish, care and nurture all of those you care for, often before yourself.

Today my wish for you is that you understand the incredible value of yourself, not by how much you DO, but simply by BEING YOU. Allowing you to feel that magnificent love & light within you.

How busy women find it difficult to create time for self care

Through my personal and business life. I have the pleasure of connecting with many amazing women who are juggling, marriages, partners, children, life purpose, friendships, families, work, home and gardens. Often putting themselves last on the list of things to DO. Often this can impact our health and well-being.

I have experienced this first and and have learnt much through my own personal journey and the journey of hundreds of other women who have the courage to follow their heart and are ready to make a change, because what they had been doing wasn’t working any more.

The best way I can support you during any busy and challenging times, is to share some loving ways to care & nurture yourself.

Calling all Women who feel stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued.

How would it feel if you knew how to manage your stress triggers as they arrived?

Is it freedom? Peace? Joy? Love? Maybe it’s a sense of inner calm that you are longing to feel.

I am honoured to share with you my signature online course; Release Stress, Reconnect & Restore Balance, at the early bird price of $168.00 (includes a Bodytalk or Reiki session) or $68 (without a session), until 27th May 2019.

Beginning 3 June 2019, you will be guided and supported to identify and release your stress triggers. Learning to embrace simple, sustainable and nourishing activities you can do every day to align body mind and soul.

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