Celebrating John Veltheim’s (Founder of Bodytalk) Life

Bodytalk John Veltheim

I wrote this post on Wednesday 23rd November 2022. It sent shockwaves through me personally and throughout the Bodytalk community all over the world. We have had many memorial services, group Bodytalk sessions and gatherings via zoom to honour and remember what an extraordinary man John was. John has left an incredible legacy for this world through creating Bodytalk and so much more…..

It is with a heavy heart that I found out this morning, that John passed away yesterday 22.11.2022. Sending so much love to his family and loved ones.

He was such an incredible man, larger than life.
He was the founder of the Bodytalk system.
He was a visionary
He had a fabulous sense of humour
He was so intelligent, knowledgeable, wise and had such diverse experiences in life and his work.
He was a master storyteller and such an inspiration.

My journey with Bodytalk started in October 2012 when I complete the Bodytalk Fundamentals 1 & 2. Bodytalk has literally transformed my life in so many ways.
Every day I appreciate the opportunity to share Bodytalk with so many people and am in awe of the shifts I witness.

I feel so privileged to have been taught Advanced Bodytalk courses by John from April 2013 until last year, when I joined him for the online PaRama course.
I have also enjoyed my Bodytalk sessions with him online and during the founder intensive classes.

I felt that John had so much more to share with the world. I guess his heart and soul had other plans.

May your soul fly high John, thank you for everything.

Much love always Amanda xxx


“When a tree falls in the forest and everyone hears it, what do they do about it?

John was a master gardener of human potential. He had a gift, and he didn’t keep it to himself. John planted it like a seed. It was a unique seed, and it grew into a wonderful tree producing fruit of its own kind, which is to say that every fruit is also unique. Countless people all around the world enjoyed the shade and sustenance of this tree like a much-needed oasis in a barren desert. Other people wanted to be a part of the tree. They wanted to learn and grow and be nourished by its roots. These people became the fruit, which in turn contains its own seed.

When the fruit is ripe, it separates from the tree and falls to the ground or blows far away. Can your seed take roots of its own without the direct sap of the parent tree? John enjoyed his tree and cared dearly for every piece of fruit, but this was not his ultimate goal. John wanted to help people and to be of service to mankind. John’s vision was not that of one tree, no matter how glorious it could be. His vision was more like that of a self-sustaining forest in every corner of the world, providing endless nourishment for all those who enter for centuries to come.

In my opinion, John wouldn’t be too concerned about being remembered for what he did. What he wants to know now is: What are You going to do?

You are the seeds. Keep the seed growing.”



What am I going to do now John?

Keep sharing the wonderful gift of Bodytalk with those who walk through my door. I will continue to appreciate all you taught me, learn, grow and share to the very best of my ability.

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