Check out my Interview with Natasha from Connected Marketing

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I Had fun being interviewed by Natasha from Connected Marketing last month.

The first part of the video may be interesting for other small business owners in the health and wellness industry.

Natasha has helped me to set up a platform to deliver content and modules for the group and personalised programs.

Other topics we covered and the time stamps:

6:10 – What Bodytalk is and the benefits 
8:29 – Burnout and overwhelm – 
we chat about how to move from our busy minds and overwhelm into a sense of calm and clarity. Moving from our head to our heart.
10:48 Moving from stress response to relaxation response. 
11:50 How to integrate Heart centred process, what brings a smile to your face.
13:30 Heart Centred process audio and blog 

Here is the link to my podcast channel if you would prefer to listen to it

I hope that you enjoy our chat.

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