Creating Inner Calm in Stressful Times

Amanda Hobley

When I first started my journey as a Naturopath I noticed very quickly that at least 80% of the women who walked through my clinic door wondered if they could ever create a peaceful mind and calm their body.

The pressures of life lead to chronic stress.Creating seemingly unrelated, imbalances in the body, mind, emotions and energy.  

I was excited because I knew it was possible to help the body support itself .Yet I felt deep down that something was missing. 

How do we create inner calm in stressful times?

Stress Less Live More 

How can we reduce the internal and exteral pressures that triggered the stress response in the first place?

How can we relax and calm the body during the challenging, chaotic and overwhelming times that are a part of life? 

A journey to getting your balance back one step at a time.

So I wrote an e-book called, “Women’s Secret Handbook to Stress Relief.” Download your copy here     

Calming the Nervous System 

Stress is a natural automatic response, to keep us safe and give us a short burst of energy to respond to any real or percieved danger – fight/flight/freeze.

Once the stressor is over different chemicals are released to help us recalibrate – rest/restore/digest. Helping us feel safe, optimistic and even turns on the immune system to heal us.

If you are not creating the environment for your body to feel safe, you will stay in chronic stress response. Overtime your adrenals get depleted and reduce the ability to cope with stress effectively.

This leads to depletion of energy, motivation, confusion, decreased focus and concentration, anxiety, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

When your body feels safe it calms your nervous system.

The great news is that you can easily create space and environments for your body to feel safe.

Journey back to yourself 

 I invite you to practice just one or two of the ideas that resonate with you, drop the rest. 

  • Reconnect with your wisdom and intuition.
  • Allow yourself to receive.
  • Learn to prioritise yourself and create space to nourish and nurture yourself.
  • To accept and have compassion for yourself, especially if you are judging yourself harshly. Personally its very depleting when my inner critic comes to play. Its so much fun observing the thoughts and emotions, acknowledging and acceptence them with compassionate detatchment. 
  • Practice calling your energy back to yourself. Become aware of where you are directing your energy. We may even begin to realise we are taking on other peoples emotional and mental stress. It may not even be ours. 

If you feel stuck in a cycle or pattern and not sure how to shift it.

If you know something has to change, but you might not be in a state of mind or have the  energy to deal with it.

Book a session with me to help you reconnect and restore yourself

I look forward to seeing you soon

With love Amanda Hobley xx

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