Gifts from the Whitsundays Islands – Disconnect to create a deeper reconnection

Amazing Whale encounter IMG_2625

Disconnect from the outside world to create a deeper inner connection.

I just spent an incredible week cruising the Whitsunday Islands on a boat without any connection to the outside world.

No phone, social media, internet connection, texts or emails.

The disconnection created a sense of spaciousness, simplicity, joy and presence within each day.

It was divine and today on reflection I thought it was funny how disconnection from the outside world can create such a deep and soul satisfying connection to our inner self, source energy, the beauty of Mother Nature and our friends.

Have you ever experienced something similar?

The state of being in awe and wonder shifted my energy, lightened me up literally.

It was an incredible holiday filled with beauty, joy and awe inspiring moments.

Being surrounded by the calm ocean, incredible islands, magic encounters with pods of whales, dolphins, turtles, sunsets and sunrises.

The joy of discovering the magic of snorkelling around the islands was sensational. It was an underwater paradise.
The coral was brightly coloured and varied, like a manicured garden. It felt like we were floating in an aquarium filled with clear water and the most coulourful and varied fish.

It was so wonderful hearing all the sounds underwater. We could hear the whales which was surreal, they sounded so magical.The whales singing, literally sent energy through my whole body. Incredible ❤️

I have always experienced waves of tingling warm energy when I am connected to life force energy and it is always magnified when I am in nature. When snorkelling, on the boat and still to this day, I feel those waves of energy pulsing up and down my body.

I love sharing magical moments that have made me smile and filled my heart with joy.

That video, post or photo carries a vibrational energy that may shift or uplift you too. Here are 3 moments for you to Enjoy…

❤️ I was in awe of this rainbow around the sun and it’s reflection. I took this photo at Nara Inlet, Whitsundays QLD.












❤️I was in amazed to see these flying fish, literally flying through the air. 


❤️ An awesome visit from a family of whales.

On our last day cruising home I said to Geoff, “I wonder what other magical surprises will happen today? “
The something quite unexpected happened.

We saw a pod of whales ahead. Then they turned directly towards us and swam down the side of the boat.
It was incredible to see them so close.

They swam passed us, then incredibly the calf turned around and swam back to us, with her mum underneath her.
The calf opened her eye to see us.

It felt amazing to be eye to eye with her, she was so curious and trusting.

Mum and Dad seemed happy to be with us, they all stayed very close to us for half an hour.

Until we finally had to say goodbye and cruise off.

We are all in awe of this special family of whales. Thanks for visiting us and leaving our hearts full of love ❤️

It sure was a wonderful magical surprise to end a spectacular holiday.

I hope you enjoy the videos and photos as much as we did.

With love Amanda ❤️✨


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