Exciting news! I am moving to a new clinic. Plus how to listening to your intuition and body.

Amanda hobley relaxed
Personally I have been experiencing many changes and new beginnings over the last few weeks.
It has been intense with many mixed emotions. I wonder how you have been feeling?
Here is a little about what has been happening:
❤️ Our family home of 25 years got demolished to make way for our new home.
❤️ I am moving around the corner into a beautiful light and spacious room within a lovely clinic. I move on Thursday 21st April 2022.
❤️ Our youngest son is moving out after Easter. A new season for us as parents.
❤️  Started a new anti-inflammatory way of eating since February and I feel fantastic and have also dropped 12.5 kg.
❤️ Starting new group and personalised 1:1 programs in May 2022. I have had so much fun developing them over the last 4 months and now ready to offer. YAY!
I am going on a solo retreat, with ocean view to help me process all the shifts. It’s time for some rest and relaxation. It seems that my heart and soul gently whispers and I always listen. It asked me to fill up my cup.
Do you listen to you body and soul?
I have found if I don’t listen to the whispers I spiral down and end up having to respond to the screams I hear from my body and soul.
Here are some reminders on how to listening to your intuition and body.
1. Take a breathe, call your energy into your body and pay attention to how your body feels, now your emotions and finally your mind and its thoughts. No judgement, acknowledge and be aware. That’s all.
2. Trust the synchronicities and signs. Maybe you have heard about a great book from 3 different people or you have a great idea that feels exciting. 
3. If you are experiencing any new health concerns stop and ask you body what it needs? Take the time to check in and get the support you need if you feel you need it.

If you feel stuck in a cycle or pattern and not sure how to shift it.

If you know something has to change, but you might not be in a state of mind or have the  energy to deal with it.

Book a session with me to help you reconnect and restore yourself

I look forward to seeing you soon

With love Amanda xx

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