Feeling through your emotions

Worried women

Are you finding that your emotions like fear, worry and anxiety are impacting your ability to make decisions, think clearly and take action in your life?

Sometimes our emotions can spiral and we can feel out of control, wired, heavy and out of balance. So we try to supress them, get stuck in a story, numb them or distract ourselves from feeling them.

It can stop us from doing the things we love to do in life.

Would you like to learn a process to feel through your emotions?

Imagine making friends with all of our emotions, not judging them as good or bad, accepting them all and feeling through them.

I have created this downloadable PDF with 3 practical tips about processing Emotions including:

1. What are emotions and how to make friends with all of your emotions.
2. The 4 ways we process our emotions
3. A process that helps you feel through your emotions

Photo by kyle-broad, unsplash 

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