Five easy ways to shift from Stress Response into Relaxation Response

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What is a Stress Response?

Its a combination of the activation;

Hypothalamus, Pituitary Adrenal axis (HPA) & Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)


Deactivating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).

In simple words triggering the Fight/Flight/Freeze response.

 You know the feeling;

  • Heart racing
  • Blood pressure and heart rate high
  • Wired, anxious and on high alert
  • Tight chest, breathlessness.
  • Tummy tense

What is a Relaxation response?

Easy the body naturally getting back into balance, deactivating HPA,SNS and activating the PNS( rest & digest)
Allow rest to restore and recuperate from the harmful effects of stress,

  • Reduce heart rate, BP, slow breathing, 
  • Regain a natural ability to cope with stress, 
  • Reduces Limbic system arousal ( process our emotions),
  • Relaxed wakefulness and awareness,
  • Improves immune, digestion, concentration, thought processes and creativity.
  • Relaxes muscle tension 
  • Regulates stress response.

5 Easy Ways to create a relaxation response in your Body

  1. Meditation – grounding
  2. Mindfulness meditation – walking, breathing
  3. Love, trust ,expecting good
  4. Being in Nature
  5. Heart centred process

To go a little deeper join us for “Stress Less – Love More The secret to feeling calm and energised  4 week online course. Starts on Monday 8th June, 2020. It is designed to support you and integrate new daily tools, techniques and meditations that allows you to feel calm and energised.

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