Heart Centred Process to Reduce Anxiety

Heart Centred Process to Reduce Anxiety

The heart centred process can reduce anxiety so easily and make you feel calm.

The benefits of this process

This process is very simple and takes less than a minute. It is a terrific way to keep centred throughout your day.

It shifts you from the wired, anxious over thinking mind into the heart centre which is a place of  harmony, peace, love and calm.

It switches your body from fight flight into a sense of calmness. It is very effective at bringing you into the moment and into connection with yourself.

How to do The Heart Centred Process

Breathe in and out a few times.

Scan your Physical body – what does it feel like? Heavy, tense, pain anywhere, contracted expanded, light, calm, or relaxed? Just observe without judgement. Breathe

Now Scan your emotional body – How are you feeling? Grief, peaceful, angry, joy, sad, fear, bored, anxious, worry. Observe without judgement or blame. Breathe

Finally scan your mind – What are thoughts are you thinking? What am I having for dinner tonight? I have got so much to do today? How am I going to find time to do it all. Breathe

Place a hand on your heart and think of something that makes you smile, something that you love. It could be a baby, animal, a beautiful place that fills you with peace, or even of something funny that makes you laugh.
Breathe in and out, enjoy that feeling and imagine it expanding from your heart into every cell in your body.
Now just become aware of your body, feelings and thoughts. Do you notice any shifts?
Enjoy this simple yet powerful process that can shift you from your head into your heart within seconds.

When to do this process?

Start this process a few times a day, you will feel the shifts.
It can be done in the shower, on the toilet, on the bus and any time when you have a spare minute. Be gentle and kind with yourself and mostly have fun slowing down you body and mind, it can be such a welcome relief.
Be patient with yourself especially if you already have a monkey mind, it may take a little more time to feel the shifts, but it is definitely worth it. Have fun and play with this process, follow your intuition.

With love and light Amanda

I would like to thank Wendy Kennedy for kindly allowing me to share her Heart Centred Process with you.

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