How to create a Solo Retreat

Bunker Bay Resort

On return from a Solo Retreat to Bunker Bay recently I felt incredibly grateful for the space to stop, relax and reset.

Wondering how to create a solo retreat? You are not alone, so many women ask me this question, this is my story and response….

My story
The first solo retreat I went on took courage and trust in my intuition.
I was burnt out and running on empty, our first son was only 18 months old. I had resistance from my hubby and mum. But my heart and soul was crying out for some R&R. I booked a local retreat for one night.

It was the best thing I ever did for our family. I was refreshed, my cup full and my heart nurtured.

My hubby said on my return, “ You are a new women, you can go away whenever you need to.”Since then it’s been easier to follow my intuition spontaneously. I often take the opportunities when they show up.

My definition of a Solo Retreat
❤️ Creating the time and space away from your everyday life. Especially when deep down you know you need to reset, reconnect and fill up your cup.

✨Go somewhere you love to be. Those places that light you up. Nature does it for me.

❤️ Allow yourself the freedom to follow your heart 💜 in each moment. It’s so much fun to wake up and ask yourself, “ What do I feel like doing now? “

I hope this gives you the courage and inspiration to create your own Solo Retreat.

Personally I realised that the reason my heart guided me here, was to integrate all the deep healing I have had over the last few weeks. Including Bodytalk, sound healing and healing sessions.

Yes I love it when I’m guided to get support for challenges that pop up.

I look forward to seeing you at the clinic, now that I am extra bright and sparkling ✨❤️


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