Misty Magical Morning on Retreat. Enjoy it NOW!


Enjoy this video of the misty magical morning we had on Sunday while on retreat.

May it bring a big smile to your face and help you feel a sense of peace wherever you are right NOW.



Ever since I was a little girl I have loved nature. Growing up in Sydney was busy, but I was lucky enough to be taken to the farm every weekend to ride horses and enjoy the country life.

It allowed me to drop into my heart space ❤️and connect with nature.

There is nothing like the peacefulness and gentle rhythms of nature to clear your mind, soothe your heart and receive energy into every part of your body.

Having just spent the weekend on the Rejuvenation Retreat, we experienced all this and more. One of the best parts was sharing it with 7 incredible women. ❤️✨😊

If you want to create some time and space for YOU to reset, relax and nurture yourself.

Join us for our next Rejuvenation Retreat from 1-4 October 2020.

Click here to see the photo gallery from our last retreat, find out more details and book your space.

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