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When I recently heard about “Tiny Courses” my heart exploded with excitement.

A big part of my work involves listening to your underlying challenges, struggles, stresses, emotions, and beliefs that impact you and your life. Then I use the modality that best supports you at that time.

  • Naturopathy to support your physical body.
  • Bodytalk to clear underlying tension, stress, emotions, limited beliefs and balance the body/mind complex.
  • Reiki to support your energy system.

There is a natural element of teaching within my work. I share my knowledge, wisdom, and experience when I feel it will be helpful. As I often say,” Take what resonates and drop the rest”.

Over that last 18 years my offerings have expanded to include:

In person and online workshops, webinars, seminars, retreats, courses, and programs.

To teach concepts, tools, and techniques to reduce stress, calm, nurture and reconnect to Your – Self.

Coming back to why me heart is bursting with excitement, it’s because I will be simplifying my knowledge into Tiny Courses that can be completed easily.

You can access them anytime from my website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There will be a variety of topics that you can choose from, depending on what you want to practice creating more of.

The Tiny courses are the sweet spot I have been wishing for.

What is a “Tiny Course”?

  • It is a self-study course between 30–90 minutes long.
  • Bite size lessons, 5-minute videos.
  • Concise to get the most effective transformation.
  • Available on tap 24/7 from the moment you purchase it and it’s repeatable.
  • The aim to inspire and empower you.
  • They are easy and quick to complete, giving you plenty of time to implement and enjoy the outcomes.
  • Implementation worksheets and resources.

I have been creating and refining the Tiny Course topics, based on what you have been asking for and what I have know to be supportive in the work I do.

The top 4 topics I am in the process of developing are:

  1. Create your inner sparkle and halve the stress!
  1. Create the Freedom to feel – Move through your emotions in 45 seconds
  1. Create Peace of mind – how to get out of my head and worrisome thoughts
  1. Create trust in your intuition!

I look forward to sharing them with you.

YOU have the ability to create the energy you want within yourself and your life.

Stay connected to find out when I release my first Tiny Courses on my website.

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