NEWS: Life-Changing Lessons from a WA Retreat


‘My new promise – permission to nurture and honour myself’

Bunbury WA

Women have an innate power to create life – a child or new business or lifestyle – and that power is held within the womb.
This is one of the many wonderful things I learnt this month whilst attending a retreat. Celebrating creative feminine power and all it can achieve.
The retreat increased my awareness about many things and helped me understand myself more deeply. Since then I have enjoyed being my authentic self more often.
I discovered that the most amazing gift I can give myself is to find what I am seeking within. I always look forward to that special time when I can get away from my everyday environment and enjoy some quiet time to just BE, nourishing, reflecting and recharging my batteries.
It occurred to me that I had built a few walls around my heart. These had grown every time I felt hurt and rejection. I felt I was ready to dissolve them, but wasn’t sure how to achieve that. When I awoke on the Sunday morning, I was overwhelmed with such an incredible sadness that I began to cry as the realisation struck me. Unconsciously I had spent much of my life trying to find love, appreciation and approval from others – always looking outside of myself. It is exhausting. The striving, the doing, trying to please others and avoiding conflict.
I was sad that I had not honoured and treasured all of myself (the dark and light). I found it difficult to speak my truth.
I had been looking in all the wrong places. I discovered that it can only come from within.
As soon as I realised that I felt the weight lift. I was filled with a sense of clarity and freedom. A greater love for myself and others that I never thought possible.
I realised that all of the situations, people and experiences that I have experienced thus far had been a blessing and a gift that had lead me to being at peace within myself. My new promise is to love, appreciate, nurture and accept myself exactly as I am. Since then I have been speaking my truth more, going with the flow and having fun enjoying what feels good.
If this has resonated with you and you would like to take your own unique journey within, get started now 

With love and light Amanda


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