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This week I am in Kerala with some amazing people, including Journey of the Spirit colleague, Peter Bliss. The Ayurvedic therapists and treatments are fantastic.

Inspiration from Kerala Retreat

Inspiration, ideas and insights flowed constantly to me in Kerala. Mostly while I was deeply relaxed on the massage table, sometimes while I was swinging in the hammock, daydreaming or meditating on the lawn in the morning. One day on the massage table a gold nugget dropped in, ” Fast track in the slow lane”

So if you have worked with me, you know that the approach I often take is one step at a time……Especially if there is a lot of stress and overwhelm going on. Starting with herbs and nutrients until you have more energy and motivation. Then I introduce more diet and lifestyle ideas, always being guided by what changes you can realistically manage.

So it occurred to me that in 3 short days of being on retreat my body was responding incredibly quickly. I was more flexible, stronger, released tension in my muscles, smiling heaps, feeling calm, was lighter, eyes sparkling, skin glowing, felt nurtured and cared for by our Kerala family and sooooooooo relaxed.

I realised that I was actually giving my body absolutely everything it needed to bring itself back into balance.

Nourishing Vegetarian food, herbal water, Ayurvedic herbs and daily treatments, yoga, breathing, meditation, peace, beautiful tropical gardens, beach, time and space to relax, meals & fun conversations with beautiful friends.

I felt a flood of love and appreciation for all I was experiencing and decided then and there that everyone should experience how incredible our body is and how quickly it responds to a nourishing environment. Hence  “Fast Track in the Slow Lane.”
The best part is that you don’t have to DO anything, everything is taken care of for you. The only decision you have to make is what do I feel like doing today for fun.

Oh and if you feel like experiencing Kerala, then I would love you to join us next September 2020. New prices will be available soon.

Just a few of the comments that we regularly hear  “a must do every year”, “my annual oil and lube change”, “the difference in my life is subtle yet profound, it’s my annual check in”, “this is the best gift to myself that I have ever found”

– Amanda Hobley

Why not join me next year?


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