Talk & Tapas – The Camino

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    Talk & Tapas – The Camino

    The Camino

    Eighteen months ago a friend of mine completed the Camino in Spain. When she returned, she told me of the simplicity and joy of each day, opportunities for self-reflection, the people she met and her inner sacred journey.

    “All I had to do was put my shoes on, walk from A to B, have an incredible day in stunning nature, get to my beautiful inn, have a delicious homemade meal with local wine & a restful sleep. I would wake up the next day & continue my heavenly journey.
    The gift of spaciousness & time for myself was precious.”


    Her story and the energy she shared sent shivers down my spine and I was inspired to create my own experience and share it with others.

    Come and hear of the amazing Camino experiences of two incredible women and how their journey continues to enrich their lives back home.

    Thursday 8th March
    at 6pm, Myaree

    Join us for some delicious tapas, Spanish wine, lively conversation….
    for a fun hour or so !

    Limited spaces available.
    Contact Julie on 0427 766 716, email
    or myself on 0405 344 149

    Buen Camino !


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