Testimonial: Zoe Shearman – Assistant Librarian Rockingham Central Library

Womens wellness workshops

Thanks Zoe for giving me the opportunity to share the wellness workshops with so many fabulous people over the last 5 years.

Testimonial: Zoe Shearman, Assistant Librarian Rockingham Central Library

‘Amanda, thank you for such a brilliant presentation at the Rockingham Central Library.

For those who attended the talk, I know for a fact they got so much out of it. Your presentation was incredibly inspiring and was never short of wit, empathy, energy and hope.

On a personal note, I do consider you to be a new role model. Your enthusiasm and drive for the topics you talked about were captivating and I’ve been able to learn some new and important things to try and implement in my day-to-day life.

‘You are a genuine human being and a wonderful, engaging speaker and I think your presentations are incredibly valuable for anyone in the community.’

If you want a guest speaker to present Wellness Workshops, please get in touch.

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