The power of Appreciation to uplift you

Amanda Hobley Moraine Lake

At the beginning of 2023 I reflected on what I appreciated about 2022. Within my life, myself and my business. It literally filled my heart with waves of sparkling lightness and warmth.

It reminded me of the power of appreciation to uplift us. Its like anything its simple to do, when we remember to take the time to feel grateful for all the people, experiences and our lives.

The frequency and energy of appreciation is as light as love, joy and compassion. That is why it can easily shift you from your head into your heart centre and bring a big smile to you face.

Here are some of the ways I have incorporated more gratefulness into my personal and work life.

May you be inspired and uplifted. As always take what resonates and drop the rest.

❤️ When our boys were younger we would have family meetings. Before we started we would go around the table and share what we appreciated about ourselves and each other that week. I loved hearing what the boys appreciated about each other, so surprising at times.

❤️ When my hubby and I have reflective listening dialogues we share appreciations first. It sets up a great space for listening with compassion.

❤️ During my workshops, course and programs I ask everyone what they appreciate. We can so often get caught up with what we perceive is wrong with us and what we have to change. I love that appreciations reminds us of those things we already love about ourselves and our life.

❤️ On retreats I will gift everyone an appreciation crystal, so that every time they see it, it reminds them to take a moment to appreciate something in that moment.

I love the simplicity of how appreciations can shift our frequency from heavy to light.

I am curious, What do you appreciate about your life, and yourself?

I am so grateful to have spent my life travelling with family and friends to see the most extraordinary and beautiful places all over the world. Including Moraine Lake in Canada in 2019.

May this reminder help connect you to your heart centre.

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