WA Rejuvenation Retreat is almost here


I am so excited that my Rejuvenation Retreat is finally close enough to touch. This is one of my favourite peaceful retreats out of all the ones I guide, it is also the closest to home. But it isn’t just the travelling time that makes it so special. There is something about this experience that reminds me of being a young adult and coming home to the safety and nurturing of mother nature.

I think it starts with the natural environment itself. The Moondyne Country retreat sits atop of one of the rolling hills in the Avon Valley, overlooking the idyllic National Park below. In fact it is situated in the National Park with its stunning beauty and tranquil surrounds. These surrounds immerse you in the calming, peaceful spirit of the land.

Once you step into your accommodation you will find a space that offers comfort and cleanliness but I think the joy here is the ability to either mix with the other women or enjoy solitude on your own depending on what serves you best in the moment.

I am so grateful to our hosts Christine and Peter who open this space up for us to enjoy. And Christine also doubles as our caterer providing wholesome meals that nurture and support each guest during their stay. When I was asked to describe the food recently all I could think was ‘good country food’, there is always ample with a variety of food that is delicious and nourishing.

During our time on retreat there is ample free time but there is also the opportunity to participate in some sessions that are not only an amazing experience in the present but gift you with tools to take home as well, our themes for these include:
● Being present in our heart centre
● Grounding and Connection to self
● Nurturing unconditional love
● Sound healing
● Mindfulness through movement
● Releasing stress
● Reconnecting and Restoring our balance
● BodyTalk
● Fire Releasing Ceremony
● Creative Play for the fun of it

There are so many aspects to explore and play with alongside the group of people who are also walking the same path. But when you do want to retreat to your own space you will find an amazing pamper pack by Purity Organics with which you can nourish and care for your physical self while you absorb and process all the amazing transformations that are taking place.

It’s a magical time when we are on retreat, I love watching the changes in everyone as they decompress and start to create long lasting positive changes that they can take back into their daily life so they can learn to thrive.

The best news is that it is not too late to join us, we have 2 spaces left on the Rejuvenation retreat 20-22 March 2020 or join us on 17-19th July.

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