Why Retreat when you are emotionally exhausted?


I was reminded yesterday about why I am so passionate about encouraging those who are emotionally exhausted to retreat, get out into nature and create time to be still.

It’s because I have so much compassion and empathy for where they are in that moment (I have been there too) and the excitement of what is possible for them.

As I reflect on my life whenever I have gone through difficult phases in my life and I was depleted in one form or another. Opportunities or my heart would guide me to retreat into nature.

When I was creating my business as I was working and raising a young family I became burntout and went to Eden light retreat in the hills for the weekend. It was so essential for me to fill up my cup and it was the best.

They do often involve being in nature.
The Camino, Chittering, Kerala, Alaska, Bunker Bay, Rolystone, Mandurah, Denmark, Canada, Tasmania and so many more places.

I find that each time I immerse myself in nature and all she has to offer , her stillness, beauty and peaceful rhythm. The stress melts the tension away, my mind clears, and my heart is filled with a knowing that all is well. I always gain incredible insights that help me grow and learn from my challenges.

I followed my heart and my hubby and I retreated to the family farm in Brookton with beautiful friends last weekend.

Here is a video of a magical morning we woke to. I hope you enjoy the peace and beauty of this incredible place.

I am a county girl at heart, an adventurer and a creator of experiences I can share with you. Experiences that fill our hearts with joy, love and a sense that all is well.

If your heat and soul is calling you to retreat, join us on our Rejuvenation Retreat 


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