Women’s Secret Handbook to Stress Relief

It is an incredibly interesting time with the pandemic affecting every single person on this planet. Our daily patterns are changing, often daily. Fears on many levels, including our  health, work, fiances, security and relationships  are exploding into our lives. Emotions of uncertainty, anxiety, worry and sadness are bubbling to the surface.


With so much out of our control its hard to find our inner calm during all the chaos in the world.


The great news is that the one thing we do have control of is ourselves. Yes, we get to choose how we respond, our perspective, our actions and where we direct our focus.

Being informed and taking actions to improve our well being may help reduce anxiety. I know for sure that you all have incredible resources within yourself.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” Saint Francis of Assisi

I wrote this e-book,” Women’s Secret Handbook to Stress Relief,” eight years ago and I know it is just as relevant for many right NOW. 

I would like to offer this resource to you with the hope that you find at least one inspirational step that you can use to provides a little calm, clarity and peace in your life. 

You will find the Six simple steps for stress relief within this e-book.

The first Step is Support.

After an extra 8 years of professional and personal experiences support your well being first. Here are some reminders of how to tap in and support yourself:

TRUST yourself

TRUST your intuition

LISTEN to your body, heart and soul.

ASK yourself what do I need to support my well-being in this moment? Nourishment, rest, movement, fun, play, laughter, gentle and kind self talk, stillness, to be in nature, be creative, meditate, yoga or to switch off and read.

For some extra support read about the other 5 simple steps to stress relief………

Get started by downloading my e-book below, enjoy.

With love Amanda  xxx

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