Creating your own Inner Retreat

A 4 - Week Journey Within

Creating your Inner Retreat

A 4 - week group program with a difference

As you journey within your energy expands. Creating a beautiful ripple effect in your life

Calling all Women who find the demands of work and life mean they have no time to connect with themselves.

Do you feel emotionally or mentally depleted and you are looking forward to feeling more energised to keep doing the things you love. 

Is it hard to switch off your mind and you are wondering how to find your inner peace, while juggling all that you are DOING? 

You know deep down something has to change, but you are just not sure what.

I can help you create the space to nurture yourself and connect with your intuition. I call this your inner retreat. 

The aim is to support you as you design and integrate your unique inner retreat into your daily life. 

Your increased energy will ripple out to those you love, your business, work and life. 

What you will learn and enjoy on your journey within

New tools and techniques to help you uplift and expand your energy.

How to nurture and connect with your heart and soul.

Find your inner balance, peace of mind and clarity  

To be more in touch and trust yourself and your intuition

How to rewire your brain

Enjoy your light essences ripples out to those you love and your work.

This Group Program also provides

A safe space to connect and share the journey with heart centred women.

Accountability and celebrating your wins each week

Awareness and Support to drop what no longer serves you. Allowing the growth opportunities.

Self-compassion and self-acceptance

Does this resonate with you?
If the answer is yes, I would love you to join us

The next step is to pay via the link below to secure your place.

 I will then send you an email with the details, to start your inner journey  

Create your Inner Retreat – Group Program

Times will be tailored to the group needs – ready to register?


  •  $180

What is included over your 4 week journey:

Amanda Hobley Naturopath 4 x 60 minute live online zoom group calls with me

Amanda Hobley Naturopath Resources based on your needs.   

Ready to join "A 4 - week journey to create your inner Retreat" ?
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