Stress Less, One step at a time.... A workshop to Restore YOUR-SELF
& Reconnect to your Body Wisdom

Stress Less One Step at a time

Vitality, peace, clarity and balance

Are you stressed to the point where it is impacting your body/mind/soul and therefore your life? 

Do you find the demands of your life and business are keeping you stuck in overwhelm and decreased motivation to work? 

Have you been caring for others – family, clients friends, self and feeling depleted?

I trust you have many tools, I am here to remind you and share some new ways that have helped me to:

❤️ Find your way back to yourself to gain clarity and peace about             your next step in life and business.

❤️ Balance and calm your nervous system, allowing your body to             restore. 

❤️ Release stress from your body and mind.

After this workshop you may experience:

A better clarity of mind and a sense that everything will be okay no matter what life throws you.

A sense of Calm within your body & mind

A shift of energy and perspective from heavy to light

Learn how to transform  through stressful challenges

Stress is a natural automatic response to keep you safe. It is not your fault, you are exposed to stressors throughout your daily life. Many you are unaware of. 

You body is so clever and releases chemicals to help you respond – fight/flight/freeze.

Once the stressor is over different chemicals are released to help you recalibrate – rest/restore/digest

If you are not creating the environment for your body to feel safe, you will stay in chronic stress response. Overtime your adrenals get depleted and  reduce the ability to cope with stress effectively.

This leads to depletion of energy, motivation, confusion, anxiety, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

You might be stuck in a cycle and pattern and not sure how to shift it.

You know something has to change, but you might not be in a state of mind or energy to deal with it.

You feel so overwhelmed that you do need support and guidance, and you really want the tools to be able to do it for yourself in the future.

The great news is that you can easily create space and environments for your body to feel safe.

To get back to yourself you need:

Self acceptance and compassion.

To learn to call your energy back to yourself.

You can:

Reconnect with your heart wisdom

Allow yourself to receive.

Learn to prioritise yourself and create space to nourish and nurture yourself. 

In this workshop you will: 

Enjoy A 4- Step process to Restore Your-Self, one step at a time… 

❤️ Learn to identify & manage the triggers and stages of stress

❤️ Release stress from your brain and balance your nervous system 

❤️ Learn and experience effective tools, techniques, and meditations to calm, restore and relax your body & mind.

❤️Reconnect into your body wisdom to discover clarity about the next best step for you. For your life, work and business.

All this done in our 90 minutes together, plus a personalised workbook filled with tools to nurture yourself. 

Workshop Details

Attend this 90 minute workshop live with me on
Tuesday 14th November, 2023
9.30am Perth time (AWST):
The cost is only $50
We will meet live via Zoom
Once you pay and register, you will be sent the details to access the workshop on the day as well as the accompanying workbook

I trust women know how to follow their own unique way back to themselves. I love reminding them how to reconnect when they need support 

So often our body is giving us messages and if we ignore them, the messages get bigger to get our attention. 

I have fun sharing with others how to tune into their inner knowing which allows for awareness of the underlying stress that is causing the problem you are noticing in yourself and your life. 

The techniques will bring your body/mind back into balance and find vitality, calm, peace, clarity and balance.


Naturopath ( Advanced Diploma Naturopathy PANT) – graduated 2005 – Practitioner for over 17 years
Bodytalk Practitioner – 2012 – Practitioner for 10 years
Reiki 1 & 2 – 2003 – now for 19 years
Sound healing – Heather Jean
Soul guide and sacred mentor Practitioner – Alana Fairchild
Guided over 10 retreats in my own business and as a guide with Journeys of the spirit.
Presented many workshops, webinars, presentations throughout the community – Hospitals, corporate businesses, Libraries, community centers and schools.
Since graduating in 2005 I have worked with hundreds of precious souls.