Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

If you would you like to create some time and space to nurture yourself. Come along to the next event. Enjoy shifting from anxiety and struggle into relaxation, peace and clarity.

The workshops and events provide a great space to escape the stresses and demands of everyday life. Simple information and strategies are shared and aimed at supporting your health and well being. Amanda presents workshops to individuals, communities and businesses who are interested in being inspired and empowered with simple tools to reduce stress, relax and restore well being.

Upcoming dates: ongoing monthly

Meditation and Sound healing with Amanda

Location: 231 Bulwer Street, Highgate or if you can’t attend personally join us via zoom session.

I am excited to be creating an amazing community of beautiful souls who have completed The Release Stress, Reconnect and Restore Balance course, have been on retreat with me, who have had a session with me or who resonates with what this evening offers.

The aim is to stay connected. To have fun, inspire, encourage, share and learn from each other. Here are just a few ways you can stay connected:

This is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy some time and space for you. 

  • Enjoy a relaxing guided meditation & sound healing
  • Shift from your head into your heart, relax and feel deep peace.
  • Sharing circle and connect with like minded women.

Each evening is completely unique and will be created organically depending your needs of the  precious women who attend.


Amanda, thank you for such a brilliant presentation at the Rockingham Central Library.
For those who attended the talk, I know for a fact they were able to get so much out of it, so thank you. Your presentation was incredibly inspiring and was never short of wit, empathy, energy, and hope.
On a personal note, I do consider you to be a new role model. Your enthusiasm and drive for the topics you talked about were captivating and I’ve been able to learn some new and important things to try and implement in my day-to-day life.

You are a genuine human being and a wonderful, engaging speaker and I think your presentations are incredibly valuable for anyone in the community to come along to.
Zoe Shearman 

Presenting at Secrets in the Garden, “Stress Less One Step at a Time.”