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Whole Body Nurturing - Stress

Stress relief...energise...nourish...calm

Includes: 1 x Discovery Session The discovery session provides a safe healing space to unwind and spend time focusing on your wellbeing. Together we will identify your specific needs and create a plan moving forward. Finally enjoy a relaxing Reiki and guided meditation. 1 x Initial Naturopathic Session To nourish and restore your body (Herbs and/or nutritional supplements additional) 2 x Sessions of BodyTalk and/or Reiki, depending on what your body needs. Emotional, mental and energetic balance to reconnect, release and relax. A Copy of “Women’s Secret handbook to Stress Relief”, delivered directly to your inbox.

Detoxification Program

The detoxification program has been designed to cleanse your body of toxins, improve your energy levels, vitality and general health. It is a short 3 week program, which is gentle, effective and easy to follow. I will guide you through the program while supporting your body’s detoxification processes with diet, lifestyle and supplements. Includes: 1 x Initial Naturopathic session 1 x Standard Naturopathic session 1 x Whole life detoxification program booklet
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Wholelife Vitality Program

The weight loss program has been designed to improve your energy, vitality, weight loss and maintenance of weight loss. This program is not a diet, it was designed to be easily adhered to over the long term. I will guide you towards healthy dietary and lifestyle choices, also addressing any individual underlying causes of weight gain. Includes: 1 x Initial Naturopathic session 1 x Standard Naturopathic session 1 x Wholelife Vitality program booklet