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Rejuvenation & Nurturing Retreats

Nurturing your body and soul retreats with Amanda

 “Love is found in the most unexpected places”  

We invite you for a weekend to nourish, nurture and rediscover what feeds your mind, body and soul.

Step into a stunning sanctuary overlooking the beach and reconnect with your heart.

Feel a sense of calmness and peace from the moment that you arrive.

This is time for you.

Amanda will share her gifts with you over these two glorious days.

Friday 2nd February – Sunday 4th February 2018


Friday 25th May – Sunday 27th May 2018

Are you ready to create some time and space to restore and reconnect with your heart and soul?

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The Camino Spain

12 September ~ 27 September 2018

Join me….
on the journey of a lifetime as we Eat Play Love our way through stunning Spain.

Weaving our way through tiny villages, stunning scenery, fields of flowers, ancient oak groves, enjoying the delicious local food and wine, staying in small family run boutique accommodations, we walk on the sacred pilgrimage that is the Camino de Santiago.

The feelings of joy, lightness, fun, connections & love abound.

Buen camino, Amanda

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Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat with Amanda

10 August ~ 24 August 2019

Empower & enlighten your essence with Amanda guiding you,
drawing on BodyTalk, Reiki & so much more…

Discover simple & effective ways to reduce stress & nourish yourself.

Your Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat from $3170 per person

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