Take Time and Create Space For Yourself

Morraine Lake

There is nothing that says spaciousness like wilderness………

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

How to recognise lack of spaciousness in your life.

Are you stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted?

Is there is never enough time for yourself because you have focused on putting everyone else’s needs before your own?.

We often have so many ‘roles’. After we are mum/dad, wife/husband, friend, daughter/son, business woman/men, colleague, is there enough time and space for us to nurture ourselves, so we get what we need. Not just what we ‘want’ but the time and space to move from force to flow. Which naturally allows lighter energy to support us, our well-being and life.

The enormous burden of the to-do list needs to be consciously reviewed. Restore our flow by halving our To-Do List and putting ourselves first. If we believe that our health is most important thing, then we need to put that as a top priority in our diaries.

If your calendars are chockablock with obligations, and not enough time is allocated to rest and restore, then you wont be getting what you need. You probably be stuck in survival mode, ‘trapped’ or ‘existing’, not seeing a way out.
Sometimes, you maybe so busy rushing from one activity to the next, that you need guidance to reset.
I’m here, in Perth, to help you.

To go a little deeper join us for “Stress Less – Love More The secret to feeling calm and energised 4 week online course. Starts on Monday  8th June, 2020. It is designed to support you and help you create more time for you. Integrate new tools to help you to feel calm and more energise to enjoy what you love in life.

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